Wouldn’t it be great to work with a Consultant that really understands you ?

Despite technological advances, recruitment is and always will be about people, relationships and integrity. Our aim is to work with you to gain a deep understanding of your career goals and aspirations.

We ensure you have one dedicated Consultant responsible for securing the Permanent, Contract or Temporary employment that you want, but you will find the whole team at Insight will all be more than happy and able to help.

We can assist with your CV preparation and Interview coaching or anything you need to help you secure your next exciting career move.

With more than 56 years recruitment experience, Insight have influential relationships with an interesting and diverse range of companies across the UK, Europe and Asia.

Useful Documents


CV Builder Template

If you have not prepared a CV for some time, or you would like to give a more professional appearance to your current CV.

Our CV Builder Template will give you a strong foundation that will be well received today’s demanding marketplace.



Interview Advice & Questions

Having secured the all-important interview, let’s make sure you are thoroughly prepared.

Our Interview Advice & Questions document will help ensure you interview to the best of your ability and have a good sense of the Clients aspirations.



CV Preparation Advice

If your CV does not attract the Client’s attention within the first 30-60 seconds or your ‘core skills’ are not presented fully, your chances of obtaining an interview can be greatly reduced!

Use the benefit of over 56 years recruitment experience to help ensure your CV secures an interview opportunity.



New Starter Form (if you do not have a P45)

If you are just about to start a temporary contract working through Insight but you do not have a P45 from your previous employer, complete a ‘New Starter’ form to avoid an ’Emergency TAX’ code!



Blank Timesheets

Please download a blank weekly timesheet and remember to obtain an authorisation signature from an ‘authorised Line Manager’ scan & e-mail to info@insight-recruitment.co.uk by 12 noon the following Monday.



Temporary Worker Bank Details

Please complete this form and scan & e-mail to info@insight-recruitment.co.uk if you are working as a Temporary Contractor via Insight, to confirm your weekly payment details.