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Middle Office Analyst (Metals)

Added on 31/01/2023
Salary £38,000 to £42,000 p.a. + Bonus & Benefits
Job Type Hybrid
Location London

Full Description

Back / Middle Office Analyst

Fantastic opportunity to work in the Middle Office of this Commodity Trader.

No previous risk experience needed.


Responsible for managing risk and account figures in mineral resources trading business especially for non-ferrous metals trading:

Mark-to-market (PnL)

  • Mark-to-market all relevant contracts (physical/future/fx)
  • Calculate and analyze latest PnL and its delta between current and previous calculation
  • Create PnL result &analysis report and explain to management (weekly, monthly, quarterly)
  • Consult mark-to-market method with Accounting Department for new type of transaction

Market / Credit / Contract (Risk)

  • Calculate/monitor/report market risk (premium position, spread position) daily
  • Calculate/monitor/report credit risk and contract risk per each customer daily
  • Alert within department if the risks are reaching to the internally approved lines

Work Flow (PnL & Risk)

  • Review work flow related to Mark-to-market and market/credit/contract risk
  • Understand the function and logic of the in-house trading systems
  • Propose/realise better way of managing PnL and Risk through IT (e.g. RPA, AI, Macro)

System Support & Development

  • Resolve system problems aligning with vendor and IT department.
  • Support renewing the in-house trading system from the Middle Office point of view


  • Comply with the Company’s code of conduct and the Company’s policies and regulations.
  • Work closely with line manager & corporate departments (Accounting, Risk Management, IT)
  • Educate/Train new staff
  • Cover any works regarding other Middle Office Team members
  • Carry out ad hoc reporting if required.



  • Strong numerical thinking skills to include formulas and modelling (mainly using Excel)
  • Strong interpersonal skills/ability to develop relationships among internal stakeholders
  • Perseverance in data crunching
  • Ability to work at a very high standard of accuracy and attention to the detail
  • Basic knowledge of accounting standard (UKGAAP, IFRS)
  • Intermediate skills in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc)
  • Good understanding for mathematic figures, formula, and modelling (mainly using Excel)
  • Professional verbal and written communication skills in English language for reporting purposes to
  • Works well under pressure whilst remaining calm and methodical
  • Works under own initiative with general guidance from the line manager/department manager
  • Excellent time management skills, prioritises own work in order to meet tight deadline


  • Experience in mark-to-marketing physical/future/fx contracts in commodity trading
  • Data crunching skill using IT Technology (e.g. Access Macros, Excel Pivot table)
  • Knowledge of physical commodity forward business (such as Aluminium, Copper, Zinc etc.)
  • Knowledge of the base metal future market (LME)
  • Knowledge and experience of processing accounting entries, invoicing and payments using SAP
  • Knowledge of Access Macros and Excel Pivot table calculations
  • Hours 8.30am – 4.30pm