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Originator (Refined Products)

Added on 08/03/2024
Salary Upper Market Rate to attract
Job Type Full-time
Location London

Full Description

Collaborate with both local and global Business Development Teams and Trading desks to identify and cultivate business prospects for the company. This involves expanding, enriching, and supplementing current market activities, as well as venturing into new strategic areas of interest. Through market analysis, networking, and engagement with traders and industry players, the aim is to align all opportunities with the company’s vision, mission, and strategic goals. The ideal candidate should possess the capability to conduct studies and analyses that facilitate the realization of business opportunities, enabling optimal company growth.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Identify, propose, structure, and nurture business opportunities within existing markets or new territories to enhance both volume and economic returns for the company.
  • Conduct economic analyses, evaluations, assessments, and feasibility studies of potential business ventures.
  • Develop market strategies and implementation plans to execute identified opportunities in alignment with strategic objectives.
  • Offer innovative solutions to address business and counterparty requirements, with the goal of maximizing value from opportunities.
  • Foster close collaboration and cohesion with various desks and functions within an open and collaborative environment.
  • Evaluate and implement risk management strategies in transactions to mitigate exposure.
  • Lead and manage term sheet and contract negotiations, collaborating closely with relevant stakeholders.
  • Stay updated on hydrocarbon market trends, dynamics, policies, and broader geopolitical factors affecting the industry.
  • Cultivate, nurture, and sustain industry relationships to maximize counterparty coverage.